Western Union Branches in England | Addresses, phone numbers

Western Union Branches in England | Addresses, phone numbers

فروع ويسترن يونيون في انجلترا

western union agents in England


430The Strand London

Tel: +44-2072404408

Monday to Saturday: 8H00- 19H00


15Villiers Street London

Tel: +44-0800833833

Monday to Sunday 19H00-20H00


Unit A William Iv Street7 8 St Martins Place London

Tel: +44-0800833833

Monday to Saturday: 6H00- 23H00


11Charing Cross Road London

Tel: +44-02079-308390

Monday to Sunday: 8H00- 22H00


5Leicester Square London

Tel: +44-0800833833

Monday to Saturday: 9H00- 23H59


33Coventry Street London

Tel: +44-800-833833

Open 24/7


About Western Union

Western Union is a global money transfer company similar to a bank transfer. It is headquartered in the United States of America, specifically in Greenwood Village, Colorado. It has many agencies around the world. The company has more than 6,300 agencies in Morocco only. This company is distinguished by being one of the oldest companies in this field. Besides, many people prefer it over other similar services, given the speed with which money is transferred and the ease with which it can be extracted.

The company now has about 270,000 branches of Western Union and agents worldwide and in more than 200 countries and headquarters in the regions, and the company’s revenue amounted to about $ 3 billion annually.

How to send or receive money transfers through Western Union:

Head to the nearest Western Union branch near your location
Ask the employee to send a transfer form (or to receive a transfer)
Fill out the form the employee gives you a “yellow paper”
The employee will see your identity card
Sign the form after reviewing it by the concerned employee
In the event that you are the sender, the employee will give you the hawala number, known as the MTCN, and you in turn will give this number to the addressee.
In the event that you are the addressee, the employee will ask you to write this MTCN number
In the event that you are the sender, the employee will ask you to pay the transfer fee or deduct it from the amount.
In the event that you are the recipient of the transfer, you are not required to pay any fees to Western Union
How much does it cost to transfer money via Western Union?

Transfer to the same country does not charge any fees at all, and it is possible to impose very low fees,

Western Union Transfer Fee: –

For amounts from $ 1 to $ 50, fees are $ 13.
For amounts from $ 51 to $ 100, fees are $ 14.
For amounts from $ 101 to $ 200, the fee is $ 21.
For amounts from $ 201 to $ 300, the fee is $ 27.
For amounts from $ 301 to $ 400, the fee is $ 32.
For amounts from $ 401 to $ 500, the fee is $ 37.
The last update of fees was $ 1,000, which amounted to $ 47.
The fees amounted to 2000 dollars, so the value of the fees would be 80 dollars.
The fees amounted to 3000 dollars, so the value of the fees would be 120 dollars.
The fee amounted to 4000 dollars, so the value of the fees would be 160 dollars.
The fee amounted to 5000 dollars, so the value of the fees would be 200 dollars.
Fees are $ 300 over $ 7,001 to $ 7,500.

What is the method of transferring money via Western Union?

Wire transfer means that the recipient can receive money in person without the need for a bank account through the nearest bank branch.
Transfer by bank transfer, you register on the site and enter the amount and the country, you will need to enter the name of the first recipient party and the family name used in his bank account and the bank account number so you must possess that data and after the data differ from one country to another so make sure of the following transfer link.
Duration of receiving Western Union transfers:

The length of time to complete the transfer process is a maximum of three days, you will go to the nearest branch of your bank and receive the amount

فروع ويسترن يونيون في انجلترا.

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